☐ In LoVe…


Yes - I am a sucker for the tall creepy masked dude. The boots kick-ass too. I think the entire film was well designed & choreographed beautifully with breath-taking scenes. Not necessarily just in picture, but in literaturary, oscillating to it's climax - poetic. almost orgasmic...

Like with Brokeback Mountain, ok, so maybe it's not that this film was THAT good (nothing life-changing, history in-the-making, Over-the-Top killer experience), it's just that movies today, pretty much SUCKS SO BAD. It's of the required PERSONAL taste, laced with exultant subtlety... and V has me spellbound.

Sure, others may report flaws in Vendetta vs. the original "Novel", but nothing I would fuss over nor argue about til we are blue-in-the-face, (especially if one's Novel was never read or heard of). Such petty calculations are inevitable to pleasing the flood of heart-sewn critics. Non-the-less, can be over-looked. i.e., I think this film stands firm among TOP BILLING in comic/film history (if not, it should).

Even had I given the power, I wouldn't change a thing.. (except, maybe have ME play Evey ^_^ , but.. I think Natalie Portman's done the better job & a fine job she did).

One thing I'm confident - and it's that, come this Halloween, we'll be seeing PLENTLY of Vendettas roaming our streets. *fer joy*.


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