☐ †he Missionary


Christmas sure ain't like what it used to be anymore, is it?
Say it isN't So! .......> Where did this year go?!
I remember the time when Chris†mas actually meant something truLy special. Going "Home for the Holidays" was made into such a *grand finale event*... The anticipation of being greeted at the door. The compliments and big presents surprises...wrestling on snowy playgrounds before dawn...whilst the delicious smell of mom's home cooked meals beckoned you inside... Christmas lights and carol singing, over a warm hot cup of cocoa by the fire...
Oh wait a minute, that was in a movie. Nevermind.
... Have a Happy ~whatever~ Everybody! =)

☐ Like a Virgin


For those of you who aren't familiar, Virgin (yes, as in VirginRecords... yes, like VirginAirline... yes, like Virgin~Cola) now, has their own Line of Comics, wow huh! They've only started out recently, so it's fairly new. But I was proposed to a cover art to one of their line of stories. The concept is true Sci-Fi. And for those of you who already know about Virgin Comix... well, aren't you Special! =)
Premiere issue of DAVE STEWART'S Walk In on stands December 2006.
So Ladies, mark your calendar! Gentlemen, get her coats ready!

† The Black Parade


my chemical romance

☐ dépêche mode


I have been keeping this place like a cricket chirping in a tin can... but that doesn't mean I don't stop in every once-in-while myself, to see if I posted anything new - I mean, to see if any new comments have been left for me. =)
well, I have been keeping somewhat busy this summer... other than projects that are on-going at yellow light, nor given the green light to post, so here are a few Fashion presentation assignment (from various design firms) of the past months. I know it's not exactly everyone's prized favorite drawings of mine, but hey, it's pretty pretty...

☐ Anyone Keeping Score?


Now, I know this isn't new drawings.. but who cares! They're quite appropriate for the moment - Eyaw man. and... ok, I know - It isn't fair, there are teams missing here, but I don't have all the time to kiLL either. If you don't know what teams are up against each other, then go Here. And if you're not into sports? who cares!

au revoir, Zidane. vous nous manquerez.

† 6 . 6 . 06


Just a doodle done on a gap time frame. And, NO.. I don't worship the devil, nor do I have any markings of 666 on me. But my family often says I am *special*, so I must be evil. Anyway, †he Omen ofcors, has always been one of my aLL tiMe favorites. And Damien: Omen II, well... that kid was just Hot! (Jonathan Scott-Taylor)
aNd.. how Ironic, being posted right after An Inconvenient Truth (Save Our PlaNet). Uh'hum, apparently, our worLd is falling apart right before our eyes..
– Destroy much?

Let him that hath
count the number
of the beast:
For it is the
number of a man;
and his number is
nowhere listed in
the directory.

☐ Underwater


It gets pixelated, but it's a nice illusion to fill your void.

☐ Little Swiss Asian





No, I did not have a child. This is my 2 1/2 year old niece in Switzerland.
No, I did not develop a new technique, nor am I experimenting new styles, nor decided to become a professional children's book writer overnight. I was requested (by my older sibling) to create a portrait of her little girl (you know, something outside my ominous 10FT norm). It's what you get for having family - it indebts you from mental freedom, and I felt impelled to take part.
Whether little Ina's mother fully appreciated my efforts or not (or have any means to do anything with these), is of none of my concern now.
I had fun, enjoyed my new found talent, and I'm glad it's done. :)

☐ Chop Chop.


☐ In LoVe…


Yes - I am a sucker for the tall creepy masked dude. The boots kick-ass too. I think the entire film was well designed & choreographed beautifully with breath-taking scenes. Not necessarily just in picture, but in literaturary, oscillating to it's climax - poetic. almost orgasmic...

Like with Brokeback Mountain, ok, so maybe it's not that this film was THAT good (nothing life-changing, history in-the-making, Over-the-Top killer experience), it's just that movies today, pretty much SUCKS SO BAD. It's of the required PERSONAL taste, laced with exultant subtlety... and V has me spellbound.

Sure, others may report flaws in Vendetta vs. the original "Novel", but nothing I would fuss over nor argue about til we are blue-in-the-face, (especially if one's Novel was never read or heard of). Such petty calculations are inevitable to pleasing the flood of heart-sewn critics. Non-the-less, can be over-looked. i.e., I think this film stands firm among TOP BILLING in comic/film history (if not, it should).

Even had I given the power, I wouldn't change a thing.. (except, maybe have ME play Evey ^_^ , but.. I think Natalie Portman's done the better job & a fine job she did).

One thing I'm confident - and it's that, come this Halloween, we'll be seeing PLENTLY of Vendettas roaming our streets. *fer joy*.

☐ Time Out>



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