Getting a Clear Handle of 3PL Warehousing

Getting a Clear Handle of 3PL Warehousing

The logistics outsourcing is continuously evolving as more companies are rediscovering the importance and significance of this management solution. Amidst all the changes that we are seeing the emergence of management jargon that is associated with logistics outsourcing. When we come to refer to Los Angeles contract warehouse, each may have their own understanding about the exact definition of such term. We may even ask ourselves the difference between order fulfillment and warehousing. Our proper understanding of these terms related to logistics outsourcing is very important in order for us to put across our needs and expectations. Problems will definitely crop up if we do not have a clear understanding of these commonly used terms.

A logical way to understand the framework of services that fall under logistics outsourcing is by looking at the major segments of the market targeted by each of these types of logistics services.


Los Angeles 3PL warehousing basically refers to the third party logistics provider specializing on warehousing. This is the appropriate term that should be used when you are looking for business solution that will address your storage, handling and transporting of company's products. You can attain effective control of these business functions by entering to a long term business arrangement with a contract warehouse. The 3PL company will be tasked to formulate a customized warehousing management and distribution system that will address the unique needs and requirements of your company. This kind of outsourcing agreement is sometimes referred to as 3PL contract warehousing. The main distinction of this type of logistics outsourcing is that it is done on a long term basis.


The order fulfillment is the outsourcing service that involves online processing of product orders and returns. The order fulfillment shall handle all related functions to complete the business cycle of order placement and product returns. In most cases, the client company will be a bit reserved in sharing complete information to the logistics service provider. The company can just go as far as divulging cost structure related to product storage, handling and transporting. Once the rates are finalized, the order fulfillment company shall make the necessary adjustments. Shared warehouse among companies with order fulfillment contracts is now a norm in the logistics outsourcing business.

As a general rule, the company serves only two major types of clients. These are the large client companies, and the small and medium client companies. The large companies who are looking to outsource their logistical requirements include manufacturers, large retail chain stores and wholesale distributors. These companies are seeking to outsource specific logistical requirements in order to rationalize the operations of the company. In most instances, these companies require 3PL warehousing service.

On the other hand, companies categorized as small and medium usually require the support framework for order fulfillment service deliver by a third party service provider. As we are witnessing the dynamic growth of the e-retailers, expect to see the growth of this e-solution in the near future. The generic term commonly used to refer to this outsourced logistics service is order fulfillment.

Chuck R Stewart recently stored the overstock from his store in a Los Angeles contract warehouse. He found the services of the Los Angeles 3PL firm he hired to be invaluable.

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Software for Warehousing

Software for Warehousing

Gone are the days requiring the warehouse manager to keep manual inventory and product flow records. No longer does the director of operations have to wonder exactly how much produce is in the racks today. Software for warehousing supplies comprehensive solutions for keeping a single warehouse facility or multiple warehouses spread across multiple regions running smoothly and efficiently.

The software for warehousing products available today offer a wide degree of solutions, giving you complete control of product flowing through your business. Whether you're operating a wholesale distribution company looking for a comprehensive accounting solution that incorporates customer relationship management, or a healthcare supply chain wanting to move to a self-distributing business model, there are systems available to help you streamline your supply chain and deliver dramatic cost savings and customer service.

The ability to compile inventory and supply chain data into one consolidation database will help you achieve complete inventory control.

These software solutions help companies trace their products closely throughout the entire supply chain. For companies in regulated industries, this is even more critical. The ability to control inventory every step of the way from manufacturer to service center and on to delivery to the customer builds confidence in the safety of the product.

With the new warehouse management software systems available, warehouse operations can be transformed in whole integrated logistic and fulfillment facilities. Your operation can manage your complete inventory flow in real time. Orders coming in can be matched immediately to product in your warehouse and go right into the distribution process. Many of these software packages include automated shipping and billing that improves efficiency and reduces the cost of operation.

Real time data is key to the efficient operation of warehouse distribution. The immediate availability of information improves productivity in the warehouse. At the same time employee performance increases. With a computerized information flow directly in the workers hands, pick and pull accuracy dramatically improves.

This cycle of information is essential to warehouse management. As information flows quickly from management to workers on the floor where the physical inventory handling takes place, accurate information is the key to a successful operation.

The days of pencil and paper are gone. New technologies like bar code scanning and Radio Frequency Devices (RDID) allow warehouse operations across entire regions run smoothly. Workers can carry up-to-date inventory information with them at all times in hand held computers. The home office no longer has to wait days for inventories to be tallied from multiple locations. Inventory counts update in real time each time the worker scans a bar code. Shipping records are also able to be updated as soon as product is moved in the warehouse and put on a truck for delivery.

Companies find that putting a warehouse management software system into place can greatly improve the bottom line. Savings in lost inventory and reduced man hours are just a couple of the financial benefits to computerizing your warehousing operations.

Looking for more practical advice about warehouse management systems, including software for warehousing? Visit

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Oracle Development Leads The Market In Oracle Data Warehousing

Oracle Development Leads The Market In Oracle Data Warehousing

Oracle Data warehousing is still maintaining a consistent market position in the data warehousing field with respect to market share as well as product innovation. The Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database 11g delivers a fast and reliable cost effective ways of reporting that is suitable for the combination of the private clouds. Data Warehouse is the main foundation stone for all the business intelligence and also applications. Oracle development has been the leader in the Data Warehouse as per the analyst firm IDC.

With software revenue of 40.5% which is based on the total software revenue of 2010 Oracle data warehousing cannot be shaken at all at this commanding position. This position is going to increase even more in the future too.

As the business of the companies grow their databases increases and there is a higher need of faster and reliable response to sophisticated queries.

Amidst this the organisations have to also control their IT costs. That where Oracle development comes to the rescue of the companies by bringing about Oracle Exadata which offers data warehousing, online transaction processing and also creating a platform for private clouds. Oracle Exadata is a set of pre configured hardware and software solutions that is both scalable and secure. Not only this it also reduces the cost and increases the performance efficiency to a greater extent.

Oracle Exadata has been proven to have met the expectations of client’s requirements through improved performance and data compression. The following are the benefits of using the Oracle exadata:

Consolidation of workloads
Reduces costs
Increases the performance efficiency by at least 10*
Existing Oracle skill sets can be used unchanged
Faster and reliable access to valuable information
Better business decisions
Existing Oracle database application can be applied as it is

As per the IDC declaration the exadata has performed much above the expectations of Oracle development.

The clients have felt that the claim of Oracle about its speed and scalability was not over exaggeration and even in real life experience they achieved the same benefits. Many clients believed that there was fast and reliable deployment and it reduced the batch window to a greater extent.

When comparing the previous Oracle Database installation the online transaction Processing performed nearly 10 times better. Besides this the system also consumed less floor space and power. Due to the above points many clients were able to gain cost benefits from the system.

As per the Gartner’s research the key finding are mentioned below about Exadata:

Nearly 400 customers have used the Exadata in order to tackle the workloads of analytical and online transaction processing
All the users have reported positively regarding the data compression and performance improvements

The Benchmark had released the results of Exadata which created a new world record that clearly outperforms IBM by around 27% in performance and 21% better price performance too. The Benchmark results clearly bring out the superiority of the Oracle Data Warehousing.

Warehousing Businesses Online - The Best Way to Be Successful at Dropshipping

Warehousing Businesses Online - The Best Way to Be Successful at Dropshipping

Drop shipping is a business wherein the seller does not keep any stock or inventory of the products that they are marketing for. Instead, they get online warehousing companies like Salehoo to show that they have an inventory. By drop shipping, the drop shipper actually gets to be the middleman between the warehouse and the seller. As a middleman, the drop shipper makes profit out of the whole sale price and the price that they sell at.

The drop shipper should be able to come up with new ways that they can market the product that they sell. The warehousing company shows the customer about what stock they have available at the price that you mention. As a drop shipper with a company like Salehoo you should be able to increase the revenue to help your business to grow effectively. Find out the type of market is also another essential part of increasing sale s and therefore help in the growth of the business.

By constantly assessing the market you will be able to find out which products are in constant demand and therefore be able to provide for that demand and thus increasing sales and revenue for your company.

Controlling the amount you spend is also very important for a good business. It is very important to know the price that you receive from investing a particular amount. By keeping a close watch on the amount that you spend you will be able to find out if you are actually making a profit or if your company is running on a loss. It is rather impossible to make a lot of money instantly. With sufficient time and energy that you spend on the marketing of a product you will be able to see profits from drop shipping. The customers should always be happy with the kind of product that they receive from you to be able to continue to do business with you via online warehouses.

Building good relationships with clients is very essential to see enough of profits. You can make a lot of money from just placing your advertisements on the products that you have on companies like Salehoo.

Compare Salehoo with the Top 3 Wholesale Directory. Salehoo Wholesale featured on Oprah and CNN Business! Find out why Salehoo is considered the Top Wholesale directory by Businesses!

Wormery Inventors Expand With New Warehousing Space

Wormery Inventors Expand With New Warehousing Space

(September 30th 2010) Rural Devon based Original Organics Ltd, inventors of the Wormery, grew their manufacturing and warehousing facility by 30% this week as they took over extra space adjacent to their existing unit.

Still supplying Wormeries online, through garden centres and via local authorities - the company has gone from strength to strength over the past few years - thanks to increasing interest in recycling and worm composting.

"Using a Wormery makes sense," says Clive Roberts, Managing Director who invented the Wormery and founded Original Organics Ltd over 20 years ago. "Dealing with your food waste output at home rather than having it collected or sending it to landfill is much kinder to the environment and you get 2 great products back out of it as a reward."

Wormeries deal with most of your kitchen waste and Clive thinks the rise in interest is in part due to increasing competition in the marketplace.

"When I invented the Wormeries 20 years ago and tried to get a loan from the bank they just laughed at me. It's quite flattering that newer businesses are jumping on the bandwagon we started long ago, but overall it's helping to raise awareness out there. I wish I could find the bank manager who laughed at my idea and show him how much we've grown."

With Clive's business still expanding while the market for Wormeries has become more crowded, they must be doing something right. Liam Martin, who runs the company's online operations thinks the key is to do your best to be the best. "We have indeed seen a rise in competition over the past few years as it has been easier and cheaper to start your own business from home. But I think customers find our authority on Wormeries because we invented the first one and the fact we've been established for a while quite appealing.

We put all this experience into our products and we also know just how important it is to give customers an excellent experience. We've invested tens of thousands in the last 18 months into improving our internal systems to make the ordering process as quick and efficient as possible."

The new space added will allow Original Organics to hold more stock at any one time, required to fulfil larger contracts at shorter notice - and also allow them to add more space around the wormery production and manufacturing areas. "As well as the increase in Wormery sales, we also operate a number of online brands" continues Liam Martin "and this space means we can work more efficiently in the warehouse as well as in our customer services office - allowing us to continually offer the best all round service to our customers."

As well as manufacturing and distributing Wormeries the company also manufactures a range of garden composters - in the heart of rural Devon. You can see the company’s range of Wormeries online at from Original Organics Ltd is the leading UK outlet for Wormeries - from the inventors of the Wormery.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

ERP or enterprise software can streamline your business practices in ways you may never have dreamed possible. Today`s modern ERP software can serve across all departments of your company. Manage everything from materials and inventory to accounts payable and accounts receivable. Integrate CRM technology with your ERP system and keep track of your customer base, as well.

Multi-module enterprise software can dramatically alter the way your company does business. One hundred years ago, businesses managed their information in hand-written ledgers. Over the decades, data management has changed in many remarkable ways. For many years, IBM-style paper punch cards were considered state-of-the-art for data storage and retrieval.

Mainframe computers used to fill entire basements. Today, we consider such outdated technology silly and obsolete. If you want your business to stay up-to-date, you absolutely must consider enterprise software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems.

Enterprise software can simplify your life in so many ways. With a fully implemented ERP and CRM system, everything about your business becomes more streamlined and efficient. ERP was initially devised as a way to effectively manage manufacturing processes. Enterprise software can unify every aspect of materials, inventory, quality control, ordering, billing and transportation.

Evolved ERP enterprise software can bring everything from human resources to accounting together into an easily managed, cohesive whole. Start using it, and you may wonder how you ever got along without it.

Some examples of enterprise software on the job are supply chain management, project oversight and client and customer relations management. Special CRM enterprise software may be integrated into your ERP system, to help you track and manage your customer base. With it, you can nurture and enhance your relationships with your customers, clients and sales leads. CRM enterprise software provides a company-wide strategy for attracting customers and retaining the ones you already have. Certain CRM system modules are able to manage technical and customer support, as well. If your enterprise runs a call center, it will operate in a much more synchronized fashion when you have a fully implemented ERP CRM enterprise software system.

Bringing an ERP enterprise software system up to speed is a job best left to ERP professionals. Knowing which data to migrate and which to archive is not an uncomplicated task. Fortunately, there are outfits such as to help you every step of the way. While you are here visiting our website, please invite us to perform an ERP enterprise software system search for you. Tell us what kind of business you`re in and how many employees you have on the payroll. We will tell you what type of ERP system modules may be most effective for your business. We can recommend enterprise software by vendors such as Microsoft, Consona, SysPro, Intacct and others. We can help you decide which ERP modules to incorporate into your business-wide information system. It doesn`t cost anything to obtain a quote, and you may find the information to be of inordinate value to your business. Use a simple online form to search more than three hundred enterprise software vendors.

Sudhani works as a copy writer, specializes in promoting websites for highly competitive keywords like ERP.

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International Warehousing: Providing Safe, Reliable Warehousing For Florida Businesses

International Warehousing: Providing Safe, Reliable Warehousing For Florida Businesses

Warehousing, for your Florida business, is crucial. Without a reliable location in which to store your goods, you simply can't provide the type of reliable, consistent service your customers have come to expect from you. The trouble with warehousing in Florida is that it can be a cumbersome operation. If your company doesn't have the time or the resources to construct its own facility and hire its own warehouse staff, it's better to call in an outside contractor to take care of your warehousing needs. International Warehousing, a premiere contractor with warehousing facilities in Florida and elsewhere, is uniquely able to assist busy businesses with the complicated task of storing and maintaining their stock.

International Warehousing's Florida facility is conveniently located right next to a major port [as are the rest of its warehousing facilities around the country].

This makes it relatively simple to ship whatever items you need taken care of directly to International Warehousing, for storage.

Once International Warehousing has taken charge of your goods, they provide a range of services so wide, and so varied, that you will quite literally never need to worry about the logistics of moving your stock from one place to another, ever again. International Warehousing's services for its Florida warehousing customers include everything from order picking, to cross-docking, to shrink wrapping, to shipping and receiving. They'll even perform assembly tasks, and take inventory of your items on request. Few other Florida warehousing service providers are so comprehensive in what they provide to customers.

Also, International Warehousing uses specialized computer inventory control systems, for all its warehousing in Florida and elsewhere. This specialized digital warehousing technology is designed specifically to track the inventories of International Warehousing's many customers, and to ensure that all goods are maintained to the proper standards. Florida warehousing has never been so precise.

International Warehousing's Florida facility is not equipped with climate-controlled chambers, but at many of their other locations they offer customers a selection of climate-controlled storage options, for goods that are sensitive to temperature or moisture. Customers can choose from dry, temperature-controlled, or humidity-controlled facilities. International Warehousing constantly strives to ensure that all goods remain in the best possible condition.

Potential Florida warehousing customers should also be aware that International Warehousing has long-running record of safety. International Warehousing's ability to handle goods carefully is so respected in the industry that it has even earned "low-risk" rankings from many American banks, as well as the Department of Homeland Security. At all its warehousing facilities, in Florida and elsewhere, International Warehousing uses guards and closed-circuit cameras twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week.

International Warehousing is able to accommodate most special requirements for goods handling. They specialize in everything from fashion apparel, to electronics, to tobacco, Dry goods, housewares, and many other commodities.

International Warehousing is a provider of warehousing services, in Florida and in several other American cities. For more information, visit IntlWarehousing.

International Warehouse Group offers a wide variety of services to meet your individual warehousing, transportation, & distribution needs. For more information, visit

Warehousing Management

Warehousing Management

A warehousing management system aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the related operations, including shipping, receiving, put away and picking. One can increase efficiencies, enhance services, and regain control over its inventory through proper warehouse and distribution management.

Warehousing management systems time and again make the most of Auto ID Data Capture (AIDC) technology, for example barcode scanners, wireless LANs, and potentially Radio-frequency identification (RFID), in order to well examine the flow of products. Once the data has been collected, either the batch synchronization, or a real-time wireless transmission to a central database comes into picture.

The database can then provide valuable reports and information about the standing position of commodities in the warehouse.

An effective warehousing and distribution solution is one that can:

• Provide paperless course of action.

• Lessen incompetence and errors.

• Help in building up the visibility.

• Easily handle and manage stock from initial order to delivery stage.

• Enhance customer loyalty through consistency.

The warehousing management controls the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse. It not only manages the warehouse but also manages other related technologies such as inventory, inventory planning, cost, IT applications & communication technology. The container storage, loading and unloading are also now covered by warehouse management. Warehouse management is now part of SCM and demand management. Even production management is to a great extent dependent on warehouse management. It monitors the progress of products through the warehouse. It involves the physical warehouse infrastructure, tracking systems, and communication between product stations.

A warehouse management system records, collects, filters and provides with the basic information to different systems at higher levels. Warehouse management allows an organization to easily counter all the problems faced in providing significant information to the concerned person without hindering the ongoing production system. It is no doubt time saving.

Hence, a warehouse management system basically involves receiving, storing and movement of goods, normally finished goods, to various intermediate storage locations or to final consumer. The warehousing management aids optimal cost of fulfilling the order on time by managing the resources economically.

Today, we have many vendors providing warehouse management software. Many custom software development firms are also involved in building up of such software. Not doubt the number of vendors providing this software is growing yet the functionality of the software remains as is. The warehousing management process primarily focuses on controlling of the in and out flow and storage of goods in a warehouse. In order to have a good warehousing management system, one should take into account some basic factors like flexible location, warehouse tasks allocation and effective execution of the tasks.

Moreover, it is not at all mandate for every warehouse to have this system of management of material. To have this system, entirely depends upon the operation of a warehouse. In case of an organization which is set up at large scale, warehousing management becomes important and a necessity to monitor the movement of material.

Nick Thomas is the author of this article. He has been writing articles for many custom software development related organizations like Q3 technologies. Moreover, he has been actively involved in providing useful content writing material related to Warehousing management.

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Cmms Software

Cmms Software

CMMS software stands for computerized maintenance management systems that are being used by millions of industries running all over the world.

A CMMS program is very important for the efficiency of business. The main benefit is preventative maintenance. With preventative maintenance, the need for making outside contracts for tools servicing is eliminated which saves on maintenance costs by a theatrical percentage. Labor costs are reduced with the automation of most processes.

Computerized maintenance management (CMMS) software can help to organize any maintenance department no matter what the skill level of the employees are. CMMS Software can increase your maintenance departments efficiency by leaps and bounds.The latest trend in CMMS are powerful, PC based CMMS solutions that make the best use of the wide capability of Microsoft Windows. They include features to deliver compliance, service and production that in synchrony with the needs of the maintenance departments. The work management component handles optimization of day-to-day operations, manages work orders and supports a preventive maintenance program.

The physical asset management component provides rapid and easy retrieval of important information such as planned and unplanned work history, assets accounting information, warranty and service contracts and complete descriptive information.Maintenance of records, record of assets, developed and product details are simply maintained without much human involvement. One can keep a vast record of his factory or firm using this CMMS software.

With web based CMMS all you need is a browser and an internet connection to use this software. The details of transactions and records, in a web based CMMS Software, are maintained in a centralized server and the users will be using this data through the browser. There is no need for custom built client software for most of web based maintenance management software. Organizations that have multiple offices and factory locations can benefit from a web based maintenance management software.

Comprehensive web CMMS integrated with Asset Management Software that is user friendly and customizable to save time and money.

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CRM Software

CRM Software

Top Rated Web CRM software for small business and SME Offers additional CRM solutions for SFA, Marketing, Lead Management, Quoting, and Outlook. 

Commence is one of the only CRM vendors that offers its customers the freedom of choice to deploy the CRM software as a hosted CRM solution or online over the Internet as a web CRM system. The online customer management software may be integrated with popular accounting packages such as Quickbooks or ERP systems. 

This world-class Customer Management Software is designed to address three specific business challenges, first, the capture, management and sharing of vital customer and prospect information; second to improve how they sell and deliver products and services to the market; and third, the ability to provide world-class customer service.

Commence CRM Management software has proven to deliver extensive value and is utilized by several thousand businesses to manage their customer relationships.

What is unique about the Commence CRM software is that all information captured via the telephone, fax –e-mail or the web is stored in a single centralized CRM database where it is immediately available to the people and departments that require it to efficiently do their jobs. This makes customer management a breeze as there is no scrolling for data or skipping from screen to screen. This web CRM software has also delivered extensive value in the areas of lead management and lead distribution, sales management, SFA functionality, sales optimization, forecasting and analytics. The analytics reporting capabilities provide the user of this online CRM software

This makes customer management a breeze as there is no scrolling for data or skipping from screen to screen. This web CRM software has also delivered extensive value in the areas of lead management and lead distribution, sales management, SFA functionality, sales optimization, forecasting and analytics. The analytics reporting capabilities provide the user of this online CRM software

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 After our hiatus from our full length video 2 years ago, we are back on the streets. Another  video to watch out from the boys of Calle.

Skaters: Choco (Symbolic Skateboards) and Neil John (Symbolic Skateboards) 

Photos by: Maylan

OH! CHOCO! (guess what the trick is ;))
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Keylogger Software

Keylogger Software
Keylogger software tracks almost any activity that is executed on a computer system. Most keylogger software have basic features such as password recorder and ability to record webcam chat. It can record the keystrokes of the users accurately. It will never make mistake when recording the users keystroke. As a result, you are able to obtain complete information about the users conversation with another person. Email messages can be tracked by the keylogger software. When the user logins to his email account, the keylogger software will log all the email messages. If you want to make sure that the email messages are right, you can use the password recorded by the password record to login into the email account. With the email keylogger, you can track the social networking activities of your spouse. It can track the social networking activities on any type of social networking platforms including Facebook, Myspace and etc.

If your company has many employees and all of them use computer, you should get the keylopgger software installed in all of them. Doing so enables you to track the activities of the employees. You can determine whether they are paying attention and doing their work every day. Many employees slack at the office. Instead of doing their works, they play games and use the internet for their own purposes. Supervisors cant do anything about them because they are ignorant about the issue. If you want to make sure your company has high productivity, you can monitor them with the keylogger software.

The keylogger software will log all website URLs and help you to determine which employee is slacking. Employers dont have to check the employees computer to review the captures. Instead, you can configure the keylogger software to automatically send the captures to your email address. In this way, you can sit in your office and review the captures. The captures contain lots of information including username, applications and etc. The logout time and date will also be recorded.

Keylogger software is for sale at many stores on the internet. You can get high quality keylogger software at a cheap price. It doesnt cost you a lot of money to buy the keylogger software. All it costs to get the keylogger software is . The price varies from different software makers. Some software makers charge expensive prices while others charges low prices. You have to decide for yourself which keylogger software is the best. It can be confusing to choose the right one as there are so many keylogger applications in the market. However, with a little research, you will be able to come across the right keylogger software. You can do research if you want to buy the best kelogger software. Doing research enables you to compare the features and prices. You should buy a keylogger software that is covered with money back guarantee. The money back guarantee should have a period of 30 days. In this way, you wont be wasting your money on lousy keylogger software.

Keyloggersurveillance offers professional keylogger software for customers that show interests in keylogger download.

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HACCP Software

HACCP Software

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is the main way that almost all Countries in the world use to ensure safer food from our food producing factories and, since 2006, our restaurants, pubs, hotels and other catering businesses. Yet, ignorance prevails throughout the UK and the world on what HACCP is really all about. Even our auditing and inspection organisations have widely different views as to what how it is to be implemented.

HACCP is based on seven principles which effectively state that for any food preparation process we should firstly map out a process flow diagram of the steps involved in making the food. Then, for each process step, we look carefully at the things that could go wrong that might result in the consumer becoming ill or being injured, e.g. the growth of harmful bacteria in the food due to the temperature being too high.

At this stage we then do some risk analysis to assess if the risk is significant or not and if it is we then identify a control measure for the hazard. Having identified a significant hazard we now proceed to implement a control measure and then decide if the hazard is a CCP (Critical Control Point) or not.

A CCP is basically a hazard that if NOT CONTROLLED would make people ill or cause them injury. If we identify the hazard as a CCP then we must set critical limits, e.g. Temperature 1-5oC along with a monitoring procedure and corrective action to be implemented if the critical limits are breached.

So if we look at it HACCP is a logical process that takes us through the process of:

1. Identification of hazards for a given process

2. Decide if each hazard is a significant risk or not


If significant implement a means of controlling the hazard

4. Decide if the hazard is critical to food safety

5. Set levels that are safe for the hazard

6. Implement monitoring

7. Decide on what corrective action to take if the levels are breached

HACCP is easy to explain in terms of an everyday task such as driving your car. If you think of the process of driving down the road. A number of hazards may present themselves, it may be wet or icy outside and these mean that the risk of skidding is higher than normal. Therefore the hazard would be 'Crash the car due to icy conditions' . If the road is very icy then the risk would be high and therefore we would want to have a control measure to prevent us crashing. The control measure would be 'Drive slowly and carefully.'

If we look at the consequences of crashing we could be killed and therefore we have to say this would be Critical and is therefore a CCP (Critical Control Point). We might decide that it is safe to drive in these conditions at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour; this would be our critical limit. Our monitoring procedure would be to keep an eye on the speedometer to ensure we do not exceed 10 mph. The corrective action is to gently apply the brakes until we are within the speed limits set.

The above demonstrates that HACCP (or at least the principles of it) is something that we all do naturally every single day of our lives (even without thinking of it!) and yet, as soon as we need to consciously apply these same principles to food safety many have difficulty with it.

This process can be daunting to those who have not been trained in HACCP and this is where HACCP Software can help. There are several software solutions around that will give the basics but what most people need is a system that provides:

1. A framework that guides you through the process above

2. Built in training in HACCP that makes sense and is explained in easy to understand terms

3. A built in knowledge base of hazards, control measures, critical limits, monitoring procedures and corrective actions.

The software should come with ongoing support, training and be regularly updated to reflect the ongoing changes in legislation and HACCP.

For more information on HACCP Software please visit or contact

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Successful Warehousing Operations Can Boost Repeat Business

Successful Warehousing Operations Can Boost Repeat Business
The golden age of mail order was, until recently, considered to be over. However, in recent years, the mail order commercial sector has been given a new lease of life by the advent of the internet and online shopping. This, combined with more traditional methods of mail order such as catalogues or agency modelled businesses mean that there is an increased demand for warehousing and fulfilment services. Established auction websites and online retailers have been seen to be increasing their offering to meet increased customer demand. For example; online retailers who previously specialised in providing certain goods or services are now diversifying their range to appeal to a wider bracket of customers.

This surge in the number of people shopping online has been invaluable to the UK logistics, fulfilment services and warehousing industry as it has created more work and thus more jobs: two things that have been in decline over the recent turbulent economic period. However, whilst an increase in customer activity is positive news, it means that some businesses have struggled to meet this augmented demand. To ensure that customers bring repeat orders into a business, it is imperative that the customer journey is not impacted in a negative way. This means meeting fulfilment requirements and ensuring that orders are met in the correct way. Successful and smooth logistical operations from the point of placing an order to the customer receiving their parcel will help businesses to create a positive customer experience which in turn will have an impact on the customers impression of the company and will hopefully generate repeat business.

At International Logistics Group, we work closely with our business partners to understand the needs of their customers and to ensure that their fulfilment services and warehousing needs are met in order to create a positive customer experience and generate repeat business.

The Article is written by providing Warehousing
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