Aarkstore Enterprise---Research Report on Chinese Warehousing Industry, 2010-2011

Aarkstore Enterprise---Research Report on Chinese Warehousing Industry, 2010-2011

The warehousing industry deals with goods warehousing, transportation & transfer and warehousing-oriented distribution activities. Traditionally, warehousing only refers to such warehousing businesses as inventory management, inventory control, etc of warehousing enterprises based on their customers' requirements. The modern warehousing industry covers traditional warehousing services (storage and transfer, etc of goods) as well as value added services in the circulation field (processing, assembly, packaging, delivery, information analysis, pledge supervision financing, etc) and the construction & leasing of warehouse facilities.

In 2009, the competition in Chinese warehousing industry was intense. Warehousing enterprises were generally of small scale and low profit. The market assumed low concentration and placed low entry barriers. By contrast, the market exit barrier was high due to the specificity of assets and the national restrictive policies.

Furthermore, the competition on Chinese warehousing market is transferring from pure price competition to pluralistic competition involving service quality, brand and talent, etc. The entry of large quantities of private and foreign-funded logistics enterprises and the introduction of standard systems, etc. will further aggravate the competition in the warehousing industry.

In 2009, the warehousing industry showed uneven development in different regions of China. Most warehousing businesses concentrated in eastern areas, especially the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. The market share in Northeast China was the lowest with less than 10%. The development of warehousing in Central and West China was similar. The unbalanced regional development of the warehousing industry is closely related to the unbalanced development of the national economy.

The warehousing industry in Chinese eastern areas takes a leading position in the whole industry of China. It ranks the Top in China in employee volume, total output value and operational efficiency. Moreover, it will maintain the dominant status for a long period in the future.

In 2009, the value-added service still dominated Chinese warehousing industry, of which the revenue accounted for 57% of the total revenue of the warehousing industry.

In 2009, Chinese warehousing estate industry assumed rapid development. It has become a distinct operating mode to construct and lease warehouses. The construction of new types of logistics centers and logistics parks is booming. Some international giants of warehousing estate are accelerating the construction of logistics network in China. Meanwhile, some domestic-funded and private enterprises have also established the development objectives and plans and present outstanding development trend. The warehousing estate industry has broad development prospect. However, it is also confronted with threats like obsolete equipment, low quality, limited land resource and large-scale entry of foreign logistics estate giants.

In 2009, the supply in Chinese warehousing industry was increased. The supply structure underwent obvious changes and value-added businesses took the dominant position. The proportion of foreign logistics giants in Chinese warehousing market also rose continuously. Meanwhile, the demand in the warehousing industry also enjoyed progressive growth. Given the favorable national policies and the innovative capacity of the warehousing industry, both the supply and demand of Chinese warehousing industry will show the upward trend in 2010-2012. The gap between the supply and demand will probably decline. Moreover, because of the limited land and fund resources and the national logistics revitalization plan, etc, the price in the warehousing market will gradually recover to a high level with the fluctuation range narrowing down.

Through this report, readers can acquire more information:
-Status quo of Chinese warehousing industry
-Competition in Chinese warehousing market
-Operation of major enterprises in Chinese warehousing industry
-Prediction on the development of Chinese warehousing industry
-Prediction on investment opportunities in Chinese warehousing industry

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